Policy on when to add  'Release Notes' links on 'Latest Support News' page.

Release Notes which are added to the ‘Latest Ribbon Product Releases’ page are published online on the Documentation Portal.
Links to PDFs are provided on the same portal. Physical PDF files are stored in the SFDC.

Release Notes which are not added to the 'Latest Support News' are added to the Employees Only space.
Physical PDF files are provided directly to release engineers for inclusion with the software bundle.

Latest Support News page is updated when:

  1. General Availability (GA) Release.
  2. Sustaining/Maintenance Release for general audience.
  3. Patch Release with feature(s) added or changed for general audience.

Latest Support News page is NOT updated when:

  1. Patch Release only includes software fixes. No change to existing documentation.
  2. Patch Release with features(s) added or changed for specific customer  (not GA)
  3. Sustaining/Maintenance Release meant for specific customer(s)  (not GA)

Non-GA Releases consist of:

  1. 'S' releases:    Special release which may or may not contain feature changes. This is typically provided to a small set of customers.
  2. 'F' releases:    Patch release only includes fixes and for specific customer(s)
  3. 'A' releases:    One-off engineering drop or beta release
  4. 'Rxxx Pxxx' releases: Same use as 'F' releases except for legacy Wireline products only

Notice Removal:

Notices are relocated from the 'Latest Support News' section of the wiki page to the 'Additional Announcements' section when:

  1. A newer Maintenance Release of the product is released. (e.g. - A notice about 8.0.1 would be removed when 8.0.2 is added)
  2. The announcement is over one year old.