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Just Getting Started?

Go to the First Steps - Run Initial Setup and Install Latest Software/Security Patches page for important information regarding upgrades and the latest security fixes.

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Getting Started

architecture, key features, product specifications, supported headers and standards, routing and policy management, and how to get started quickly.

Installation and Upgrade Guides

The Sonus SBC Edge installation guides are for people who are installing/upgrading  or .

SBC 1000/2000 Installation Guide

SBC SWe Lite Installation Guide

User's Guide

The Sonus SBC Edge User's Guide is for system administrators, developers, testers - anyone who uses . If you are new to , start by exploring the User Interface. You may also find the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Solution Base, SBC Edge Administration FAQ and Best Practices articles useful.

The Log Exchange - LX debugging tool is available at Log Exchange Documentation.

Developer Resources

These resources are for software developers who want to integrate, control, and maintain the  through the REST Web Service. Take a look at the Sonus SBC Edge API User's Guide and the API Reference Documentation.

Administration FAQs

Release Notes

Sonus Product Interoperability Testing

Interoperability Testing Home

Best Practices

Provisioning examples, use cases and workflows to help manage and configure the SBC Edge.

API User Guide