REST API Method: POST /rest/sbaconfig?action=configurecce

This action configures the CCE.

Ensure that the CCE configuration is done only after the certificate is installed on the CCE. Failure to follow the correct order of steps may result in undesirable behavior.

An HTTP Status 200 return for this action only means that the request was successfully received by the system. Status of the action must be retrieved by polling the CCE Action Status Resource .


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
CCE:RibbonNetworks.CCEDeploymentTypeYesNoEnumstandalonePossible values:
  • standalone - Standalone
  • master - HA (master)
  • slave - HA (slave)
Indicates the type of deployement model to be followed by the CCE.
CCE:Gateway2.FQDNYesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Indicates the FQDN of the secondary SBC if present.
CCE:Gateway2.IPYesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Indicates the IP address of the secondary SBC if present. This is mandatory is there is no DNS in the SBC.
CCE:EdgeServer.ExternalSIPIPsYesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Identifies the external IP address of the Edge Server Pool server for SIP traffic.
CCE:EdgeServer.ExternalMRPublicIPsYesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Identifies the external IP address of the Edge Server Pool server for media traffic.
CCE:EdgeServerConcurrentCallsYesNoint500Possible values:
  • 25 - Minimum
  • 2500 - Maximum
Identifies the number of concurrent calls going through the Edge Server.
CCE:Network.InternetDefaultGatewayYesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Identifies the internet default gateway to allow the Edge Server to contact the Office 365 servers.
CCE:Network.InternetDNSIPAddressYesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Identifies the DNS IP address for internet connections.
CCE:Network.InternetIPPrefixLengthYesNoint24Possible values:
  • 8 - Minimum
  • 29 - Maximum
Identifies the IP prefix length for Edge external IPs.
CCE:Network.CorpnetDefaultGatewayNoNostringnone1024 - Max Length
CCE:Network.CorpnetDNSIPAddressNoNostringnone1024 - Max Length
CCE:Network.CorpnetIPPrefixLengthNoNoint24Possible values:
  • 8 - Minimum
  • 29 - Maximum
CCE:Common.IPNoNostringnone1024 - Max Length
CCE:PrimaryCMS.IPNoNostringnone1024 - Max Length
CCE:MediationServer.IPNoNostringnone1024 - Max Length
CCE:EdgeServer.InternalServerIPsNoNostringnone1024 - Max Length